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about Andi Dukleth

Andi Dukleth is a San Diego based independent comic book writer and illustrator. 

Influenced by manga and the gothic/metal subculture, she cites Kim Jung Gi, Gerald Brom, and Becky Cloonan as her biggest inspirations. 

When she isn’t working in comics, she is working as a news photographer for the San Diego news market.


She graduated Cum Laude from California State University San Marcos (CSUSM) in only three years with a Bachelors in Arts and Technology in 2013.

During that time, she interned for the Sundance award winning documentary company Interloper Films in 2014, in which she worked on the films "Brand: A Second Coming", "Obey the Artist", and "A Total Disruption." 

Always a self-proclaimed storyteller, she met fellow artists and writers Scott Lost (The Second Shift, Wanders of Melissanda) and Travis Rivas (The Unstoppable Cherub, Super-Abled Comics) in 2016. Together, alongside other talented comic book creators, they were able to create the first Accidental Aliens Anthology project. They now have a total of 5 anthology books out and continue to create new creator owned content.

As a video journalist, she has worked in the San Diego news market since 2014. She is currently at NBC7/TLMD20, covering various events including presidential visits, wildfires, and border issues.

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