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Welcome to my videography page, featuring my work from KPBS, ABC10 News, and my freelance projects.

San Diego Lab’s Potential Coronavirus Vaccine Could Help Beyond Outbreak

The DNA-based Coronavirus vaccine under development at a San Diego lab could address the current global outbreak as well as the next.

Video by Andi Dukleth

Reported by Tarryn Mento

Imperial Welcomes Home World-Champion Boxer Andy Ruiz Jr.

Imperial Valley Native Andy Ruiz Jr. is the first ever Mexican-American Heavyweight Champion. After his victory, he got a hometown welcome to honor him. KPBS Reporter Max Rivlin-Nadler shows us why the champ is such an inspiring figure in the close-knit community.

Video by Andi Dukleth

Reported by Max Rivlin-Nadler

Migrant Voices - Oscars Story

Oscar Velasquez is passionate about film making. He one day dreams of making it big in Hollywood. But with his immigration status in limbo thanks to cuts to the DACA program, he isn't so sure what his future holds. That isn't going to stop him, however, from following his dreams.

Directed by Luis Martinez

Produced by Luis Martinez

Edited by Andi Dukleth

News Photographer - Editor Reel

Various news stories from ABC 10 News. Shot and Edited by Andi Dukleth.

Vitoria and Isabella Behind the Scenes Photoshoot

Created as a promotional video for the website of Maria Soderman Photography.

Video by Andi Dukleth

Produced by Maria Soderman


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